National Team Challenge 2007 – Results


IW skaters delivered a scorching performance in the compulsory show number at the National Team Challenge at Bracknell on 1 July, taking a deserved first place in the category – the first time the IW has ever won the show section since the inception of the competition in 1995.

The seven judges awarded marks of 5.3, 5.7, 3.4, 5.0, 5.4, 5.4, and 5.2, putting the Island almost four marks clear of the teams that had skated up to that point, and setting a tough – and ultimately unbeatable target – for the teams that followed. The deafening cheers that broke out as the marks were shown caused the announcer to start again so they could be clearly heard.

During the whole show number the whole audience’s appreciation was noted, particularly for the lifts by the central ring of skaters, and the sudden and dramatic costume change for the Masquerade element of the whole Phantom of the Opera routine.

Congratulations to all IW skaters who took part in the competition, almost all of whom took home gold medals – a huge achievement in the National Team Challenge. And a huge thanks to our coach, Terri Fleming, who devised not only the Phantom routine but also trains the free-skaters in the rest of the IW team.

Overall, the IW finished 5th with 36 points, just five points lower than last year. It hints at what we can achieve if we can pull together both the show number and the individual events at the National Team Challenge. A lot also depends on the extent to which categories are competed: this year, with only six teams competing, skaters were spread thinly across some categories, which affects the maths of the points system.

IW results were as follows:

Class 1: 5th Maggie Read (2 points)
Class 2: 3rd Gemma Fishel (4 points)
Class 3: 1st Archie Bicknell (6 points)
Class 4: 6th Isabelle Coeshott (1 point)
Class 9: 5th Charlotte Aiken (2 points)
Class 11: 3rd Carol and Steve Taverner (4 points)
Class 12: 2nd Wight Diamonds (5 points)
Class 14: 1st Yelena Brown and Nicole Hinton (6 points)
Class 15: 1st Isle of Wight: Phantom of the Opera (6 points)

The overall team standings were: 1st Oxford (45 points), 2nd Bracknell (43 points), 3rd Chelmsford (41 points), 4th Alexandra Palace (38 points), 5th Isle of Wight (36 points), 6th Basingstoke (27 points).

Congratulations to Oxford, who were worthy winners. It’s good to see a new name on the trophy.





Pictures shown are stills taken from video photography of the event, and are low resolution.

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