Bracknell inter-club artistic competition 2007 – results

The Isle of Wight came third at the inter-club artistic competition held at Bracknell on Sunday 20 May, improving one place on last year’s result.

Overall results:

1st Gosport (37 points), 2nd Basingstoke (36 points), 3rd Isle of Wight (34 points), 4th Bracknell (28 points), 5th Guildford (21 points), 6th Montem (19 points).

Individual results of IW skaters:

Level 1 & under: 4th Nikita Heathfield

Level 2/3: 2nd Sarah Close

Level 4/5: 4th Sian-Marie Edkins

Level 6+: 2nd Gemma Marsh

Group 2-4 skaters any level: 2nd Archie Bicknell, Isabelle Coeshott, Gemma Marsh & Gemma Fishel; 4th Nicole Hinton & Yelena Brown

Full results are available on the Bracknell website. The best four positions attained by individuals in each team count towards the team’s final score, hence the IW scored points for three second places and one fourth place: 10 points were awarded  for 1st place, 9 for 2nd, 8 for 3rd and so on.

A full report is expected to follow shortly.

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