British RJS Synchro Championships – results


The Wight Diamonds earned a podium place at the British RJS Synchro Championships at iceSheffield on 19 March, taking third position out of seven teams at intermediate level.

Earning a British Championships medal is a truly fantastic result for the young team and their coach, Terri Fleming, considering it is only the second year that the team has taken part. It makes all those early Saturday morning starts all the more worthwhile.

First place went to Lee Valley Isis and second place to Aberdeen Zariba.

The Wight Diamonds comprised Demi Agar, Georgina Bourne (captain), Yelena Brown, Sarah Close, Isabelle Coeshott (vice-captain), Sabrina Danzig, Sian Edkins, Sarah England, Gemma Fishel, Anna Fitch, Nicole Hinton, Naomi Hunter, Alicia MacIntyre, Gemma Marsh, Kate Nutbourne, Emma Wilks and Phoena Wilmott-Bayer.

Skating in the open events on the same day, the Wight Gems were placed second to the more experienced Basingstoke Team Sparkle at novice level.

The Wight Gems comprised Demi Agar, Amy Bowkis, Hannah Bowkis, Sarah Close, Isabelle Coeshott, Sabrina Danzig, Gemma Fishel, Francesca Fry, Naomi Hunter, Charis Jones, Gemma Marsh (joint captain), Charlotte Mennie, Kate Nutbourne, Maggie Read, Rhian Teasdale, Zoe Southwell, Emma Wilks (joint captain) and Louisa Wrighton.

Results are subject to official confirmation.

British RJS Synchro Championships – intermediate level

  1. Lee Valley Isis
  2. Aberdeen Zariba
  3. Wight Diamonds
  4. Bracknell Fusion
  5. Gosport All Stars
  6. Inverness Moray Dolphins
  7. Aberdeen Snow Leopards

British Synchronised Skating RJS National Opens – novice level

  1. Basingstoke Team Sparkle
  2. Wight Gems

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