Solent Inter-club Competition – Results

The annual Solent inter-club artistic competition between the Isle of Wight and Gosport was closely contested, with both teams sharing the honours in all four events. Gosport, however, proved unable to close the gap in points set after the first event, and the Island emerged victorious.

Held on 11 February 2007, the competition is actually the 2006 event, which had to be held over until judges and ice time could be obtained. The 2007 Solent inter-club competition will be held later this year at Gosport.

The inaugural event for the Sue Buckingham Memorial Cup for synchronised skating took place after the inter-club competition, with the Island fielding two teams – the Wight Diamonds and the Wight Gems – against the Gosport All Stars. Skating judge Sue Buckingham frequently officiated at Island competitions and tests, and her absence at these will be noticed. Her husband kindly agreed to present the cup in her memory: this year’s winners were the Gosport All Stars.

Solent Inter-club Competition results

Class 1: level 1 and under

  1. Yelena Brown (IOW)
  2. Courtney Scandrett (GOS)
  3. Nicole Hinton (IOW)
  4. Kate Nutbourne (IOW)
  5. Shola Ray (GOS)
  6. Nicola Lilllington (GOS)

Class 2: level 2

  1. Claire Hume (GOS)
  2. Sarah Close (IOW)
  3. Phoena Wilmott-Bayer (IOW)
  4. Tanya Ceo (GOS)
  5. Sabrina Danzig (IOW)
  6. Victoria Ward (GOS)

Class 3: level 3 and over

  1. Sian Edkins (IOW)
  2. Richard Nobes (GOS)
  3. Kirstie Newbrook (GOS)
  4. Gemma Fishel (IOW)
  5. Gemma Marsh (IOW)
  6. Carol Taverner (IOW)
  7. Nathan Newbrook (GOS)

Class 4: Groups

  1. Team Crocker (GOS) – Paul Crocker, Nathan Newbrook, Chris Overy
  2. Team Bourne (IOW) – Georgina Bourne, Sian Edkins, Sarah Close, Sabrina Danzig
  3. Team Wilks (IOW) – Emma Wilks, Phoena Wilmott-Bayer
  4. Team Stanton (GOS) – Charlotte Stanton, Madison Sparks
  5. Team Mitchell (GOS) – Daniel Mitchell, Nicola Lillington

Skaters scored 4 points for 1st, 3 points for 2nd, 2 points for 3rd and 1 point for fourth. Skaters placed 5th or lower scored no points for their teams. No ties were allowed to keep the number of available points constant, and ties were broken using highest Entertainment totals because Entertainment is the senior mark (tie-breaks have to be calculated manually as the software is not sophisticated enough).

The overall result was 1st Isle of Wight (22 points), 2nd Gosport (18 points).

Sue Buckingham Memorial Cup results

  1. Gosport All Stars
  2. Wight Diamonds
  3. Wight Gems

The Isle of Wight County Press carried a report of the above competitions in its Friday 9 March edition, but the results it gives are not accurate.

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