Chelmsford open – results

Twelve skaters from the club went to Chelmsford open competition on Monday 18 September, returning home with 10 medals between them.

Yelena Brown started the Island’s lucky run, placing third in the beginner ladies aged 9 to 10. Kate Nutbourne followed, taking third in the beginner ladies aged 13 and over.

Archie Bicknell, the Island’s youngest male competitor, achieved third in his level 2 boys’ competition.

In the artistic events, Isabelle Coeshott placed third with her convincing rendition of the Tin Man.

Pinocchio was brought to life by Isabelle Coeshott and Gemma Fishel, earning second place in the artistic groups event. The Addams Family, also known as Emma Wilks, Joanna Tung, Sarah England and Phoena Wilmott-Bayer, spooked their way into third in the same category.

Nikita Heathfield and Alicia Mcintyre skated in their first ever competition, achieving excellent scores.

Although club member Ellie Taylor has left the Island and now skates at Milton Keynes, she still represented the Island at Chelmsford, coming fifth in the beginner ladies aged 9 to 10.

The atmosphere was great and team spirit as always strong and supportive.

Most IW skaters are coached by Terri Fleming, and train at Planet Ice Arena, Ryde.

Our skaters are now starting rehearsals for this year’s Christmas Ice Show, which will be held on the weekend of 9-10 December.

Report provided by Sarah England. Additional information provided by Helen Taylor.

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