The Mountain Cup, Villard-de-Lans

Veteran ice skaters Carol and Steve Taverner recently returned from their fourth international ice skating competition in the mountain resort of Villard-de-Lans, France, with a host of trophies and medals.

The Mountain Cup adult skating competition attracted 130 competitors from 15 countries this year, representing 62 clubs.

Carol and Steve, representing the Isle of Wight Ice Dance & Figure Skating Club, were placed 6th overall behind teams from Prague, Canada, Moscow, Cologne and Slough.

Steve performed his free skating programme particularly well to be placed first in his category, in his first solo competition outside Ryde Arena. Carol also won her interpretive event skating a routine to ‘Join the Circus’ from the musical Barnum, which involved juggling on ice! The couple managed their third gold in the dance event, where they had to skate four different dances.

The pairs competition proved more difficult and they were beaten into silver medal place by a much younger pair from Prague. The final silver medal was won by Carol in the free skating.

Coaches Terri Fleming and Jodie Taquar were very proud of the couple’s results, which show that ice skating is not just for the young.

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