Bracknell Opens results

Thirteen IOW figure skaters competed in the Bracknell opens on 26 to 27 April, achieving four gold medal positions.

Archie Bicknell won the Bracknell Shield for level 2 boys, Sabrina Danzig won her first ever mainland trophy, the Cheshire Cat Cup, and Isabelle Coeshott won the March Hare’s Trophy.

Three Mayfield pupils made it a clean sweep in the Mad Hatter’s Trophy: Gemma Fishel brought home the trophy with a performance to Oliver, Archie Bicknell took silver and Emma Wilks finished third.

Yelena Brown finished second in the Skating for All Trophy, competing against a strong group of 16. Emma Wilks, Joanna Tung and Georgina Bourne were second in the artistic groups event, the Humphreys Trophy.

Phoena Wilmott-Bayer collected two bronze awards: one in free skating in the Pat Watson Shield, and one for her artistic class with her interpretation of If I Was A Rich Girl.

Gemma Marsh took third place in the Elizabeth Cup for levels 4 and 5. Gemma’s programme was choreographed by Anita Curtis; the other skaters are coached by Island head coach Terri Fleming. All skaters train at Planet Ice Ryde.

Also skating were Kate Nutbourne, Ellie Taylor and Nicole Hinton, all of whom gained creditable results for their first open competition.

The season has only just started with outstanding results from our young skaters. Let’s hope they can bring home more medals and trophies on Sunday 14 May when a team of skaters competes in an inter-club artistic competition.

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