British Synchronised Skating Championships

Wight Diamonds

Isle Of Wight synchronised skating team the Wight Diamonds competed in their first ever British championships on 22 January. The team competed in the intermediate section of the championships, which were held in Nottingham.

The 16 skaters who make up the Wight Diamonds have been skating together as a team for less than two months, and formed the youngest team by far.

Every member of the team skated fantastically. With the most-improved marks out of all of the teams in the category, the Wight Diamonds finished in a creditable 5th place, ahead of a team from Gosport that had beaten them in the qualifying heat in November 2005.

The top teams have many more years’ experience and are older, so the future looks bright for the Wight Diamonds as a very young novice team that is improving quickly.

Coached by Terri Fleming, the team consists of Sarah England, Phoena Wilmott Bayer, Kate Nutborne, Emma Wilks, Georgina Bourne, Katie Brannan, Emily Adams, Kate England, Gemma Marsh, Nicole Hinton, Ellie Taylor, Yelena Brown, Sabrina Danzig, Sarah Close, Gemma Fishel and Isabelle Coeshott.

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