Southern League, Streatham heat

The Streatham heat of the Southern League was held on 12 June. Please note that the following results are subject to confirmation and are based on analysis of the results from Skate Score.

Provisional positions and points at Streatham are as follows: 1 Streatham, 23 points; 2 Guildford, 23 points; 3= IOW, 20 points; 3= Gosport, 20 points; 5 Alexandra Palace, 17 points.

This would put the overall positions as: 1 Streatham, 46 points; 2 Guildford, 44 points; 3= IOW, 39 points; 3= Gosport, 39 points; 5 Alexandra Palace, 37 points. The next heat is in Gosport on 10 July.

Positions of IOW skaters were as follows: Class 1: 4th Yelena Brown; Class 2: 2nd Sabrina Danzig; Class 3: 2nd Archie Bicknell; Class 4: 5th Isabelle Coeshott; Class 6, 1st Gemma Marsh; and Class 7, 2nd Matthew Kershaw. There were no Island entries for Classes 5 and 8.

At the Synchro competition held after the Southern League event, the results were: 1 Gosport, Shooting Stars; 2 Gosport, All Stars; 3 IOW, Wight Diamonds.

We regret that information about the results of the final heat at Gosport has not been forthcoming and we are unable to report on the final positions of the teams.

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