Lee Valley Opens took place on Monday 26 May. With many IW competitive skaters involved in the IW club’s skating camp this week, the Lee Valley Opens were unlikely to attract a strong contingent.

IW synchronized skater Amy World, representing Gosport, achieved 3rd in the level 7 ladies with a score of 27.24.

Results: www.iceskating.org.uk/nisa_uploads/LVOPEN14/index.htm

IW skaters are in action at Guildford Opens this week, and the following results are reported:

Beginner ladies, age 10 and 11: 8th Aileen Armstrong

Beginner ladies, age 12 and over: 3rd Saphire Recalde Arnold

Beginner men: 2nd James Wright, 5th Oliver Brunton

Level 1 ladies, age 12 and over: 8th Ayesha Taylor

Level 3 men: 1st Miles Grist

Level 6 ladies: 6th Charlotte Chapman

Level 7 ladies, free: 1st Amy World

Adult silver ladies: 2nd Carol Taverner

Results: www.obfusk.co.uk/GUI14/

The results of the Isle of Wight Ice Dance & Figure Skating Club competition on Saturday 17 May are as follows:

Spin, Spiral & Jump

Class 1: Beginner A, Girls 8 and under: 1 Masie Foreman, 2 Amaya Heighway, 3 Millie Foreman, 4 Grace Clifton, 5 Lily Dyett, 6 Anneliese Smith, 7 Kennadie Davis, 8 Olivia Rose Skyrme

Class 2. Beginner A, Girls 9 and over: 1 Melody Snout, 2 Alicia Allen, 3 Bethan Perry, 4 Tia Ogbourne, 5 Ruby Brandish, 6 Alice Matthews, 7 Cerys Brown

Class 3. Beginner A, Boys: 1 Oliver Hayes, 2 Thomas Bevan, 3 Tyler Ball, 4 Kallum Wood, 5 Freeman Hawkins, 6 Sean Brown

Class 4. Beginner B, Girls 9 and under: 1 Tiarna Barton, 2 Sophia Elliott, 3 Hannah Ainsworth, 4 Safia Saphin, 5 Ellie Watts, 6 Arwen Rowdan, 7 Josie Watts

Class 5. Beginner B, Girls 10 and 11: 1 Sadie Gibbs, 2 Anna Temporin, 3 Lily McDevitt, 4 Emmeline Breach, 5 Felicity Lane

Class 6. Beginner B, Girls 12 and over: 1 Issy Dixon, 2 Saphire Recalde Arnold, 3 Serena Copping, 4= Chloe Walsh, Hannah Brown, 6 Lauren Leonard, 7 Rachael Downer

Class 7. Beginner B, Boys: 1 Oliver Brunton, 2 Sam Petty, 3 Luke Rowley

Classes 8 and 9. Levels 1 and 2: 1 Will Riley, 2 Holly Eldridge, 3 Lauren Wood, 4 Ayesha Taylor

Class 10. Levels 3 and 4 Ladies:  1 Toni Delap, 2 Beckie Vockins, 3 Keelin Scholes

Free Skating

Class 11. Beginner Ladies age 11 and under: 1 Tiarna Barton, 2 Aileen Armstrong, 3 Isabel Curtis, 4 Anna Temporin, 5 Lily McDevitt

Class 12. Beginner Ladies age 12 and over: 1 Saphire Recalde Arnold, 2 Serena Copping, 3 Osiris Butcher, 4 Issy Dixon, 5 Chloe Walsh

Class 13. Beginner Men: 1 James Wright, 2 Oliver Brunton, 3 Sam Petty

Class 14. Level 1 Ladies: 1 Ayesha Taylor, 2 Savannah Randall

Class 16. Level 2 Men: 1 Will Riley

Class 17. Level 3 Ladies: 1 Toni Delap, 2 Roxy Collins, 3 Beckie Vockins

Class 18. Level 4 Ladies: 1 Keelin Scholes

Class 19. Level 6 Ladies: Charlotte Chapman

Class 20. Level 9 Ladies: Nikita Heathfield

Class 21. Level 9 Men: Archie Bicknell

Class 22. Level 1 Adult Men: 1 Steve Wood

Class 23. Silver Adult Ladies: 1 Nicola Newnham, 2 Carol Taverner


Class 24. Level 3 Ladies: 1 Toni Delap, 2 Beckie Vockins

Class 25. Pairs: 1 Carol Taverner and Arron Grist

Class 26. Silver Adult Ladies: Carol Taverner

Details taken from the official results notarized by referee Jane Brown.

IW skaters have been in action this week at Bracknell open competitions, held on 28 April to 2 May at the John Nike leisure centre, Bracknell.

In the solo dance, Maria Holdcroft was fourth in the junior short dance with 33.09 and 5th in the junior free dance with 46.17. Maria represented Oxford in this event, but is a member of the IW synchronized skating teams.

In the figure skating events, which started on Thursday, Ayesha Taylor was first in the beginner girls aged 10 and over with a score of 14.83. Oliver Brunton was 3rd in the beginner boys with 9.36.

Will Riley won the level 2 men with a score of 16.86. Miles Grist was first in the level 3 men with 13.33.

Lauren Wood was 12th in the level 2 ladies with a score of 14.06.

Results (figure skating): www.obfusk.co.uk/BRAFS14/

Results (solo dance): www.obfusk.co.uk/BRASD14/

Live streaming of the free programmes at the 2014 World Synchronized Skating Championships in Courmayeur starts today at 3pm CET (2pm BST) on the ISU Skating Channel,  except in Canada, Japan, and the USA. Coverage is also available on mobile devices through the Live+ app (Apple devices).

Catch-up videos of yesterday’s short programmes are also available at those links: the broadcast is broken into four groups.

Iowskaters’ coverage continues on our Facebook page. We’ll update with scores when we can, subject to internet access. Filming and photography is prohibited, so don’t expect pictures.

Results http://www.isuresults.com/results/wcsys2014/index.htm

Anyone who wants to see the “synchronized swimming” entry to the 2014 worlds, featuring Tomas Verner and a host of well-sculpted men in swimming trunks should pop along to our Facebook page.

A reminder that live streaming of the 2014 World Synchronized Skating Championships in Courmayeur is available through the ISU Skating Channel,  except in Canada, Japan, and the USA. Coverage is also available on mobile devices through the Live+ app (Apple devices).

US coverage is available on a season pass through icenetwork.com.

Coverage in Canada is on CBC but not until 12 April in a two-hour programme (see TV guide).

Results http://www.isuresults.com/results/wcsys2014/index.htm


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