Ryde Arena is temporarily closed as a result of storm damage to the roof. A health and safety inspection forced the closure.  The main rink roof is fine, but the area above the bar is leaking water onto electrical circuits.

Ryde Arena is posting updates on its Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Rydearena/

The Isle of Wight Ice Dance & Figure Skating Club has advised that the Christmas show, scheduled for 12 and 13 December, has been postponed. New dates for the show will be posted as soon as possible.

Update, 5 January 2016. The rink’s insurer has agreed to pay for the repair of the roof. Isle of Wight Radio reports that an IW company has been given the contract for the work, which was due to start on 4 January, although continuing bad weather may delay this. The rink may be open again by the end of January.

Closure of the rink naturally will interfere with skaters’ training, and news about IW skaters may be in short supply for a while. However, skaters are training at mainland rinks with a view to continuing their competitive season this winter.

The Wales and West Synchronized Skating Competition at Planet Ice Cardiff on 16 November saw three IW teams in action, acquiring two gold medals and one silver medal.

Former junior team Wight Jewels have been training hard all summer trying to master group lifts, and the competition saw them take to the ice for the first time in competition as a senior team, although in the Senior B event (the B event allows more flexibility on age ranges than the ISU senior category). They scored 25.49 in the short, with a deduction of 1.0 for a fall, and 49.74 in the free, with deductions  of 2.0 (one fall, one interruption in excess), for a total of 75.23 and first place.

The Jewels’ scores for a first outing at this level are encouraging. In comparison in the short programme for the full senior event Team Spirit of Wales & West scored 25.61 (one deduction) and Zariba of Aberdeen scored 25.66; scores in the free were 54.60 (one deduction) for Spirit and 58.05 for Zariba, giving totals of 80.21 for Spirit and 83.71 for Zariba. If Jewels could compete at a full senior British event, by fielding a team of the requisite ages, it would all probably be quite exciting.

In the Basic Novice B, Wight Crystals scored 19.71 for first place.

And in the Elementary, Wight Sparkles scored 15.84 to take second place behind Nottingham’s Icepops (19.68). Solihull Sparkles were third on 14.30 and Basingstoke Snowstorm fourth on 13.54.

Catch-up video is available through Ryan T Thornton’s On The Rocks channel on Livestream at http://livestream.com/accounts/1743329.

Results: http://www.icephoto.co.uk/Cardiff15/

Live streaming of the Wales and West Synchronized Skating Competition at Planet Ice Cardiff today is available through Ryan T Thornton’s On The Rocks channel on Livestream at http://livestream.com/accounts/1743329. We will try to advise if this changes.

Wight Jewels are timetabled to skate in the Senior B short at 1.53pm and in the Senior B free at 5.26pm. Wight Crystals are in the Basic Novice B event, skating at 2.26pm, and Wight Sparkles in the Elementary event, skating at 3.05pm. Times may change.

Basingstoke Open Competitions are taking place this week (2 to 5 November) and a few IW skaters are taking part. The event was heavily oversubscribed, and the event referee limited the number of competitors taking part based on the dates that entries were received.

Results achieved by IW skaters so far are as follows:

Beginner Men: 3rd Luke Rowley 7.51
Level 3 Men: 2nd James Wright 16.36
Level 5 Ladies, aged 12 and under: 14th Toni Delap 19.59
Level 6 Men:
6th Will Riley 15.94
Junior Ladies SP:
4th Nikita Heathfield 30.95
Junior Ladies FP: 8th Nikita Heathfield 43.63

In the Advanced Novice Ladies Short, Gosport and IW skater Amy World was 8th with 22.47. She was 10th in the free with 31.28.

Results: http://www.johnds.org/Bas_15/

iowskaters.com would not exist without Ryde Arena. Please read this:

Ryde Arena has launched an Indiegogo campaign to try to raise funds towards the repair of the building’s roof.

As users of the rink are all too aware, the fabric of the building deteriorated under Planet Ice’s stewardship and essential repairs are now required. The roof is a key part of these, and Ryde Arena Trust’s campaign is after £40,000 towards a new waterproof membrane to make the whole structure watertight. As users of Ryde Arena are well aware from the carefully placed buckets, the roof leaks when it rains and has done so for years.

iowskaters realizes that fundraising campaigns often fall on deaf ears. But if everyone who visited iowskaters.com over a year donated just £1 then the campaign would almost reach its target. If you’ve used and benefited from iowskaters.com, or supported the campaign to save the rink from the cold, dead hands of Planet Ice, then please support our rink – without the rink and its skaters, there is no reason for this website to exist.

Link: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/ryde-arena-roof-repairs/x/11233699#/

IW skaters were in action yesterday at the Skate Southern international competitions at Lee Valley Ice Centre London. The competitions, which started on 21 September, run until 24 September.

Sophia Elliott, skating in the Beginner Ladies age 9 and under, took second place with a personal best score of 15.47.

Toni Delap achieved a personal best of 25.63 in the Basic Novice A Ladies age 11 and 12 to take 6th place.

Will Riley, in the Basic Novice A Men, scored a personal best of 19.42 for 5th place.

Gosport and IW skater Amy World scored 21.44 in the Advanced Novice Ladies short for 13th place. In the free programme on 22 September she finished 12th with 38.72.

Amy also competed in the Basic Novice B Ladies age 14 and over on Wednesday 23 September, scoring 33.44 and attaining second place.

Results: http://www.icephoto.co.uk/SS0915/

The following skaters passed NISA tests at Ryde Arena on 16 September 2015:

Field Moves

Level 1: Sophie Atkin, Eloise Hayward, Amaya Heighway, Luke Rowley
Level 2: Issy Dixon
Level 3: Isabel Curtis, Rachel Downer, Bethan Perry, Jordan Pointer, James Wright
Level 4: Oliver Brunton, James Wright
Level 5: Hayley Purrington
Level 7: Kirsty Atter

Level 3: James Wright
Level 4: Robyn Johnson, Beckie Vockins

Level 3: James Wright
Level 4: Robyn Johnson

This information is subject to confirmation by NISA.


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